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Mantle . Mirror

When gazing a canyon or a valley, the Earth’s textures and layers reveal themselves. The Mantle Mirror devises a symbolic interpretation of these primal elements, introducing detailed mirrored marquetry in a distinctive and unique piece.

150123-27_G&J_SCALE_RUG (2)

Scale . Rug

A poetic exploration of the patterns found in scales, the Scale Rug originates distinct landscapes depending on the angle of the lighting inside a living space.  


Anemona . Rug

Anemona breathes between ocean streams and it undulates with the flows; defined by the movements of the ocean streams, its flows and textures from seaweeds. When introduced in interior design projects, Anemona gives synergy, dynamics and a natural feeling of coziness.

eden 01

Eden . Rug

From the lush gardens, Eden lines flow as if they are drawing feathers, leaves and animal scales like a cornucopia of natural textures. The contrast between the lines and background is given by the handmade made cut, enhancing the rug’s sinuosity.


Niagara . Wall Lamp

Hanged by a metal structure, embodying forms originated by the currents of the falls, the Niagara wall lamp is a delicate and subtle piece that provides a warm and cozy light, hidden inside the estremoz marble lampshade.