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Polaire . Armchair

Drawing from the impossibly elegant waistlines of the pin ups, the new Polaire Armchair is a sensuous piece that offers a generous seat without compromising the gracefulness that defines Munna‚Äôs signature design. The seaming details are exquisitely crafted, like a silhouette adorning corset.  


Preciously Together . Pen

This pen has the beauty of a jewel. It is composed of various parts, but one of them is more important, the clip. This clip has animal skin textures engraved in the metal, combining the status of the metal with the status of the skin […]


Kitchen Scale

The exterior of this kitchen scale was designed from the internal components that were given (the electrical circuit, battery and weight measurer). The concept for this weighing-machine was to make it closer to its spatial context, the kitchen, and for this a handle was introduced. […]