Medallion . Candle holder


“This is our way to create a product that is always individual, and to pay homage to the spirit of hand crafting and the uniqueness and dedication involved in it.”

Inspired by the age old tradition of crochet, and decorative knitting, medallions is a quite unique candleholder. There are no two identical items. Each handle is individually knitted, and carefully placed on the objects body in a technique that essentially freezes in porcelain each unique and delicate knitted handle.

This technique preserves all the detail, and lightness of the knot, displaying for all to see the hard work and dedication that comes into making one of these pieces

Project in collaboration with Gonçalo Campos.Pano-candleholder-Goncalo-Campos-Maria-Bruno-Neo-VICARA-design-3Pano-candleholder-Goncalo-Campos-Maria-Bruno-Neo-VICARA-design-8