Khoi . Shelf

It symbolizes the achievement and the success even when it is hard. This story is a Japanese legend this piece is inspired in the Japanese illustrations, furniture, joints and the paper screens. The fishes help to hold the books.


Seven Little Helpers . Side Tables

Snow White story is well-known as a german from the Grimm brothers stories. The 7 dwarfs were the heroes when they helped Snow white in the woods. The pieces are inspired in german furniture struture and gestalt theory. It uses marchetry techinique for the top […]


Repeat . Side Tables

Repeat collection was inspired by nature, in their forms, curves and repetition of elements that sometimes we use to delimit. Also uses a modular system using multiple times same piece to create a visual effect.


SMAS . Candle Holder

This candleholder is special gift for Sintra SMAS to offer. It has a laser-cut silhouette of an old fountain from Sintra which people still use in their daily-basis. This fountain has inspiration in arabic architecture and tiles, so i want to use the very graphic […]

urban pattern 05

Urban Patterns . handbag

                      Front Row Society bags are one-of-a-kind pieces with only 100 limited edition bags being produced and sold.The winning design was inspired by the patterns from the electricity wires and from the tiles that are […]

santo antão do tojal (2)

Santo Antão do Tojal . Urban furniture

I was comissioned to design street totems for the Santo Antão do Tojal counsil. This one is to signal the building of the city hall. The analysis of the local, the traffic and the people, was made, in order to find the best shape and […]


Pano . candle holder

Candleholders made by using fabric as the temporary structure to hold the porcelain and at the end of the process the fabric is burnt away remainning only the delicate porcelain. Not using the typical mould creates the great oportunity to make individual pieces really unique […]


Nostalgia . Wall Mirror

It began as a multi-author collection whose theme was an approach to the mirror, as reflecting surface, regardless of the material used. My proposal for this project was the type of typology of object between the old wallpaper and the mirror.  It is an object […]


Cardboard Animals . shop window

This project was my proposal for the initiative from ComCascais (association to promote the shops of the area). Several creatives from different backgrounds proposed an approach to the shop that was assigned to each one. The sho assigned to me was an author jewellery shop. I […]


Preciously Together . Pen

This pen has the beauty of a jewel. It is composed of various parts, but one of them is more important, the clip. This clip has animal skin textures engraved in the metal, combining the status of the metal with the status of the skin […]