Maria Bruno Néo was born in Lisbon, 1985, she opened her big brown eyes and started observing the world around her to learn as much she could. Soon developed a critical thinking, and curiosity about the world and how things were done. That led her to read as much as she could, trying to build opinions on several matters. She started travelling very young with her family, being exposed to several cultures and traditions very early. After graduated in Product design in 2008 in Fine Artes Faculty of Lisbon University, she applied for an internship in north of portugal, where traditional techniques and cultural heritage is based in furniture area. In 2009 Maria Bruno won a scholarship to developed her ideas in colaboration with Tord Boontje Studio in Bourg argental, France. In 2010 Maria Bruno decided to develop her skills with patterns applied to furniture and interior projects in Edward van Vliet Studio in Amsterdam. Winning another scholarship brought her back to north of Portugal to specialize in the furniture heritage field. Delevoped several products and one brand for two companies. Since 2012, Maria Bruno is design director of upholstery brand Munna and furniture and lighting brand, Ginger and Jagger, besides her own design projects. In 2019, she finished her Master in Industrial and Product Design in Engineering and Fine Artes Faculty of Porto University. Her thesis about textile upcycling got 19 out 20. Maria Bruno defines herself as organized, responsable and detail attention person. Her work has been reconized by awards, invitation of presenting her work in conferences to inspire people, teaching in workshops and being present in Press. Her philosophy is this little bit of everything is brought in every project that she does, she tries to mix rationality with feelings and tradition, so the projects become part of people’s life.